our products + your mission

Everything we do is mission driven, from designing software to cleaning the floors. 

We build technology to drive your mission and unify your organization.


International ARISE Community

This mobile application is free for everyone. Anyone can download this application in Google Play or within the App Store. 

Users of this application take part in serving the greater good within their neighborhoods, towns, and cities. 

Private Communities 

Love the power of the International ARISE Community app? Want to restrict to your organization? We can do that!

Empower your community to take part in crowd-service with this private mobile application. Built for Android and iOS.

  • Post needs out to your community (publicly or privately) 
  • Measure your organizations social impact
  • Remove bottle-necks and improve organizational efficiency by decentralizing coordination 
  • Promote tour cause to your community 
  • Partner with other organizations (Churches, Businesses, Schools, ect) to take care of major issues 



Custom Mobile Applications

Mobile Applications with a purpose

Drive content straight into the hands of your community with your very own application for the App Store and Google Play. 

These applications are fully brandable and are built to drive your mission. 

Integrate our crowd-service application within your custom mobile application to provide the missional experience to your community. 

ARISE Custom Websites

Get a modern custom website through ARISE. You'll have your very own Content Management System with authoring privileges and content approval processes. 

The ARISE Custom Websites are built with a 'mobile first' mindset. All information and pages are responsive, integrate with Google Analytics, YouTube, and more third parties.

Your users will be able to submit forms to contact the right person at the right time, accept donations, sell merchandice, and more.



The Total Digital Strategy

The Total Digital Strategy includes the custom website, custom mobile application, and private crowd-service integration.

With one post your information goes out to your mobile app, website, and social channels (Facebook, Twitter, and more).

Leaders will be able to track and analyze users behavior with our Google Analytics integration.