The Manifesto

The 1930's brought tough times to the United States. During this time the Government created programs to help the less fortunate. Over the years many programs have been added to help families get food, find work, and help the most vulnerable within our society. The intent behind the programs are noble; however, the methods supporting them are antiquated. Since the inception of these programs we have gone to the moon, invented the internet and the personal computer yet the social safety net has largely gone unchanged.  

Society is generally aware of the issues that plague our communities. There are those among us that need help and those who want to provide help. The challenge is creating an ecosystem that empowers individuals and cause organizations of all sizes to:

  • Provide quicker access to local services in times of need
  • Make an impact within their communities
  • Supplement areas that do not fit nicely into the social safety net
  • Rapidly create support structures in times of crisis
  • Draw awareness to evolving social causes
  • Distribute resources to the best run cause organizations   

The Solution

ARISE is changing the way people view the social safety net.  We are connecting people in need with those who can help through our mobile technology by making communities more responsive to social emergencies, natural disasters, and everyday needs that we all face. We call it crowd-service.

Crowd-Service is when neighbors unite to help each other organically. Just like crowd-funding, small amounts of service will add up to large efforts by communities. When a social emergency hits neighbors and non-profits can respond much faster than current social safety net and response structures in place today.

Users can request help, provide assistance to each other, and read about success within their community. Calls for help can be as simple as raking the leaves, moving a sofa, grabbing a bag of groceries for a single mother, or donating clothes. This solution will:

  • Draw attention to local causes
  • Battle the growing addiction epidemic by building authentic community involvement  
  • Empower 'Start-Up' cause organizations by providing free technology  
  • Pivot quickly to address the issues of the day – not waiting for a vote or budget cycle  
  • Show the world what individuals, cause organizations, churches, and businesses are doing to make an impact

By harnessing and maximizing technology we can more efficiently meet the needs within our neighborhoods. Society needs to adapt to the information age in regards to helping their community.  

Positioning for Global Impact through Crowd-Service

As a Nation we witnessed the success of crowd-service after Hurricane Harvey devastated the Gulf Coast of Texas. The need was so intense that the 911 system went down. Individuals would call out for help on Facebook, Twitter, and other channels. Neighbors, volunteers, and cause organizations spontaneously coordinated relief efforts and helped each other. ARISE is a platform specifically designed with tools and features to handle this activity at scale.  

Economists call it spontaneous order. It is the same principle that drives share economies such as Uber and Air B&B. ARISE empowers users to exchange voluntarily, measure effectiveness, and make decisions based on what works best for those in need.  

In the ARISE ecosystem, the person in need is the foundational consumer. All metrics, effectiveness scores, and functionality are designed to show the work being done. Cause organizations are driven to make an impact, spend their money wisely, and ultimately serve their consumer. This structure will ensure that the cause organizations that are doing well will receive the most funding and attention thereby providing the best service to those in need possible.  

Driving Adoption + Accomplishing the Mission - Build the base

The ARISE motto through this adoption and roll out process has been to "Build the Base: find people in need the cause organizations will follow." This is the same approach that organizations such as Amazon took to obtain dominance. Amazon targeted the people looking for a good deal while shopping online; then the suppliers came in droves to provide the goods.

ARISE will target the base (those in need) first and then show cause organizations how they can take part in the ecosystem, obtain reporting, recruit volunteers, and coordinate events. Through our research we have found that those in need typically share information about how they received help and recommend services often to each other. Bob Whittet (Professor of Christian Ministries at Gordon College) said:  

"Once you get a tool into the hands of people in need that works it will spread like wild fire. People in need help each other the most. They are always referring one another as to the best possible way to get help."

ARISE seeks to build a crossroads between those in need, non-profit organizations, churches, and business to help with causes within their geographic area to supplement the social safety net. From poverty, natural disaster recovery, or social issues, ARISE seeks to unite people under one banner: "Love your neighbor."